Once upon a time there was the Port …

Since the ancient Mantinum which succeeded to the port vocations of Aleria and Mariana silted by the alluvial deposits of Tavignanu and Golu, the site of the Port of Cardo has always revealed a certain interest for navigation and trade with the “mainland”.

February 14, 1661: The Twelve Nobles decide the construction of a first pier in the old Porto-Cardu

1852: beginning of the construction of the pier of the Dragon

1860: demolition of the rock “le Lion” and development of the southern quay


From Cardo to St Nicholas Basin

1838: deliberation calling for the construction of a new port

1845: the project becomes more precise

1848: the decision is stopped

1858: the VALERY Company concludes a contract with the state for the maritime service of the Corsican ports

1860: release of credits on intervention of Napoleon III

1873: the VALERY Company loses its monopoly and Appearance of the FRAISSINET Company

1890: the wharves are not yet completed

1895: Despite the development of steamships, sailing ships still account for 40% of commercial traffic

1911: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is de facto manager of the port.

Between the two wars

1920: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry obtains the official concession of the Port

1935: partial closure of the Fangu wharf

1939: lighting of the banks of the Rive and Fangu

1943: bombing destroys almost all port facilities

December 1944: the port is still congested by wrecks, the “Tiberias” the “Sidi Mabrouk” and the “Mont Agel”



1948: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique succeeds Compagnie Fraissinet on the lines of Corsica

1956: the rebuilding of the sheds is over

1963: North East and East wharves have yet to be rebuilt – first horizontal handling ship put into service

1975: commissioning of the pier at Car-ferries

1979: Centennial storm, the Port undergoes significant damage

1987: demolition of the 4 hangars and parking facilities

1990: extension of landings won on the sea

The modern port

1956: the rebuilding of the sheds is over

1996: the Port of Bastia turns to modernity: Creation of two Maritime Terminals, restructuring of the landings

2002: development of the environment (green spaces, car parks, fountains, foggers)

2004: installation of dynamic operating equipment (variable messaging, light panels, real-time information, etc.)

2006: renewal of the concession of the port of Bastia by the Territorial Collective of Corsica, competent in place of the State since 2005

2009: Reinforcement of the southern terraces

2011: Repair of Hangar 5

2017: Extension of the North East platform

2018: Rehabilitation of South Terminal