Harbor office

A functional unit where the port official do their duty.
Responsible of the setting up of the necessary means for the integration of the port ship overall and to concretize the permanence of the port authority with  ships and users.
The code of maritime ports has been conferred also a police mission to it.

Officers have a port police role. They control and supervise the harbor works, the markup, the lights and the state of the sea bottom as well as the execution of the police regulations. They menage the rescue of ships in danger.
The range of their missions covers various fields ranging from prevention and repression, to the regulation of port traffic: they regulate the order of entry and exit of the ships in the port, they allocate the posts to quay, they follow the maneuvers, order and direct the movements.
They issue orders to captains, pilots and sailors in all matters relating to the movement of ships and the performance of security, order and police measures.
The harbor officers ensure the execution of all general and special regulations concerning the police and the operation of the port.

Contact :

Harbor master’s office of Bastia Commander Frédéric EDELINE
Tel: 33 (0)4 95 34 42 72 – Fax: 33 (0)4 95 34 42 88