Where are the companies’ ticket offices ?

In the North Terminal


Where is the bus station?

A hundred meters from the South Terminal, behind  the Town Hall, and 500 meters from the North Terminal.


Where is the nearest Taxi station?

At the bus station.
There is also a taxi stand in front of the North Terminal.


Where is the railway station?

Four hundred meters from the South terminal.
Leave Saint Nicolas square on your left and continue straight on , you will find the station on the 3rd roundabout. 


Where can I rent cars?

In city center, several agencies are within 500 meters from the Port.


Where is the tourist office?

At the northern end of Saint Nicholas Square, less than 50 meters from the South Terminal.


Where are the nearest hotels and campsites?

In a radius of 500 meters, of the port, there are about ten hotels. There are two campsites, five kilometers to the North (to the Cape) or to the South (Arinella) of the city.


Where are the beaches?

One kilometer North of the harbor there is a small pebble beach. Five kilometres South of the harbor there is a huge sandy beach which has also a nautical base.


Where is the Information Point?

In the North Terminal.


Where are the public toilets?

In the Port, toilets are located in both passenger terminals (North and South).
On the Saint Nicholas Square.


Is there a visitor parking in the harbor?

Yes, behind the North terminal, juste before the boarding gates.
The automatic pay station is inside the North Terminal.


Where is the nearest ATM?

On Saint Nicholas square, within 500 meters of the Port.


Where is the Post office ?

Three hundred meters of the South terminal.


Where is the nearest Pharmacy?

Hundred meters of the both terminals.


Where is the Hospital?

Six kilometers South from the Port.
At 1,5 kilometers from the Port, the private clinic Maymard has also an emergency department.


Where is the Police Office?

In front of  the North terminal, city side.